Prestige Car Repair London

questionsHow are the repairs carried out?

We are effectively a mobile car body shop that comes to you and repairs your damaged vehicle at your home, office or business premises.  Damaged areas are resurfaced to retain a smooth substrate and repaired as needed.

The repaired area is then painted using a water based paint system to refinish colour as per manufacturer specification.


questionsHow much does it cost?

All vehicle damage is unique and the cost to repair your vehicle will depend on a few factors, such as the severity, proximity on the panel, colour of the paintwork and time labour required to repair the damaged vehicle.

SMART Repairs are typically less than a body shop without having to take the vehicle to a third party location.


questionsHow do you match the colour?

Every vehicle has a paint code applied by the manufacturer somewhere on the vehicle.  This code is entered into a computer database covering virtually every vehicle manufactured in the world over the last 20 years.

Using this database we can formulate, mix and produce an exact colour matched batch of paint.


questionsWill I see the difference?

We aim for our repairs to be unnoticeable to anyone oblivious to the original damage.  As it is an aftermarket repair and not a replacement part, we aim for the repair to be 97%+ of its original factory finish.

A trained eye may detect a body shop repair if closely inspected, however we always aim for a first class finish.



We offer a 12 month guarantee on a new paint application on your vehicle (not applicable to rust damage or touch in repairs).   If a claim is made on the guarantee, we will attend to redo the repair or offer a refund.

Our guarantee is not transferable in any way and the invoice number would be required to initiate the process.


questionsHow long does it take to dry?

In most instances the repainted area will be dry in 20 minutes. Within 20 minutes to an hour after application of the top coat, the finish will be sufficiently hard to allow us to machine polish and complete the repair process.

You may wash the car 7 days after the repair is completed, however we discourage the use of any waxes or polishes.


questionsWhere do I take the car?

We come to you!

All work can be conveniently performed at your home, work or business premises. All we need is a safe working area for the vehicle technician to be sited near your vehicle and access to an electrical power supply.


questionsWhy are we different to other mobile car body repair services?

We pride ourselves on our friendly professional attitude that are happy to assist vehicle owners and have confidence in our quality assured workmanship providing clients with quality!

Wherever you are located within our coverage zone, we aim to provide you with the best London SMART Repair.

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